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Career Fair: Exclusive Tech Hiring Event-New Tickets Available

We will be hosting a virtual Tech Career Fair with our hiring partners from fast growing startups and Fortune 500 companies in technology in the US/Canada. There will be a focus on helping companies achieve their diversity and inclusivity initiative with more diverse candidates to their talent pool. Available roles that our hiring companies are looking to fill are of the following:

Building with Instruction-Tuned LLMs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Following emerging LLM best practices in the industry, you’ll learn how to take an instruction-tuned LLM off the shelf to create powerful AI applications using custom input-output fine-tuning approaches.

You’ll see just how easy instruction-tuned LLMs are to leverage relative to base model LLMs. This event will also include an introduction to instruction tuning as well as the commercially available open-source models that are emerging on the Generative AI scene.